I’M Jocelyn J. kopac

The Social Audio Professor (aka Neurodivergent, Millennial, Entrepreneur)

Making Sense Of The Social Audio Data & App Market So You Don't Have To

The #1 Social Audio Training Course & Sales System

Find out how I plan my social audio content, create a scalable attendee follow-up strategy, and make my time spent on social audio profitable for my businesses. This course has helped over 200+ business owners and content creators create robust social audio presences!

Struggling To Build Sustainable Marketing & Lead Generation

Outsourcing your executive functions can give you the expert strategy and leadership you need to achieve maximum growth. My fractional CMO & CBDO services, provide comprehensive marketing plans and execution that will help you reach your goals and increase profitability.

About Me

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Strategist, Musician, DEI Educator, Author, Social Audio Influencer, Doggo Owner, Data Analyst... these are just some of the terms I identify with!

My goal is to raise other women entrepreneurs up by creating better thoughts and empowering them to not just ask a question but the ones that get tangible life-changing results.

These Are My Simple Business Tenants:

  • Pursue Passions, Not Paychecks
  • Invest in Ideas That Matter
  • It’s The Simple Things That Lead To Growth


"Jocelyn has been an absolute pleasure to work with.

Her skill set and knowledge of branding and marketing are two reasons why I would 100% recommend her to anyone!" - Kristen Holtan

“I learn something new every time I hear Jocelyn speak! She loves helping others succeed and has value to share! Thank you for all that you do!”- Kirsten Ross Vogel

“Was an absolute pleasure to work with her! Very inspirational and encouraging!!”- Kendra Janes

"I highly recommend Jocelyn. Her ability to listen to your goals and ideas and immediately provide a strategy or recommendations helped me on the spot. Her feedback was right on target. It pushed me out of my comfort zone and into a successful product. She's amazing!" - Alice Moore

Leverage Your Knowledge. Set Your Goals. Create Your Social Audio Content. Make Sales & Build Your Audience.

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